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Poems by Ian

How these poems came about


  • INSPIRED! Not for sale

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I would often go away for 3-4 days to seek the Lord through prayer and fasting. Some of these times were spent at a place called Cedar Springs Christian Retreat Centre in Sumas Washington.


On the occasion of the first poem "Inspired.. Not for sale." I had just been out for a walk around the grounds and was praising the Lord. When I got back to my cabin, I heard the Lord say, "Get a pen and paper." I thought I was going to get a regular word from the Lord, perhaps direction or a message for someone. But when I sat at the table and began to write, I was totally surprised. This poem came forth and was completed in 20 minutes. Now that may not mean much to some people, but considering that I am not a poet and this was totally out of my normal realm of operation, it was above the ordinary for me.


The second poem came on the next trip to Sumas and in a very similar way.


I must admit that I have not in the past been inclined to writing poetry nor interested much in it, and have somewhat "downplayed" this beautiful method that God can speak to us through... Forgive me Lord. I claim no credit as I know they did not come from me personally.... I am just the messenger, to HIM be all the glory.


- Prayerfully submitted, Ian Oliver

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